Emily Lamoureux,
Certified Mindfulness Practitioner

I am a certified Mindfulness Practitioner and I am delighted to offer my skills at the Ottawa Integrative Health Centre.
The techniques learned in a Mindfulness class teach us important skills to be proactive in maintaining our own mental health. There is a strong evolving evidence base behind mindfulness. Learning and practicing the skills in mindfulness brings many benefits to personal, professional and family lives as well to relationships and the community as a whole.

Mindfulness touches every aspect of my life every day. I am dedicated to living mindfulness, and this is a reason that I find so much success in teaching it. I base my teaching and my life on the attitudes of mindfulness; kindness, curiosity, acceptance, and patience to name a few.

I have personally endured much pain in my life and continually grow and learn from it. I therefore can empathize and connect with individuals who are also struggling with difficulties and traumas in their own lives. The skills learned in Mindfulness can help staff and patients grow and learn from their pain too. Teaching these very important skills for maintaining one’s own mental health is a key goal of mine in my teaching. I don’t shy away from the pain of others and I thrive in a position where I can help people help themselves in a safe and accepting space.

Ten years ago, I began my career in this field by teaching yoga and meditation here, at the Ottawa Integrative Health Centre. I thrive in teaching individual and group classes and have received much positive feedback from clients who made lasting changes in their lives. All of my experience in this field gives me a humble and calm confidence to connect with and teach individuals.

I believe that the skills learned and practiced in mindfulness have the capacity to bring about a life of more understanding, depth, purpose, and acceptance, improving both the relationships with self and others.

We always have access to this moment. And this moment truly matters.

The best way to take care of our futures is to take care of this present moment.

Let’s begin.

Emily’s Hours at the OIHC:

Private 8 week Online Mindfulness Courses running on Fridays. Click on the following link for more details: Mindfulness Classes