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OIHC Newsletter for December 2014 – Making the Switch to Natural Skin Care Products . . . Where Should you Start?

OIHC Newsletter for November 2014 – Understanding Depression from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

OIHC Newsletter for October 2014 – Naturopathic Pediatrics: Nutrition in Early Life

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OIHC Newsletter for August 2014 – Preparing for Pregnancy? Be Sure to Read This First

OIHC Newsletter for July 2014 – 3 Essential Strategies for Aging Gracefully

OIHC Newsletter for May 2014 It is Kapha Season – Understand and manage your spring

OIHC Newsletter for April 2014 Spring Detoxification

OIHC Newsletter for February 2014 – Relationships beyond Valentine’s Day

OIHC Newsletter for January 2014 – How to Avoid Toxins in your Baby’s Skin Care Products

OIHC Newsletter for December 2013 – Sugar Sugar

OIHC Newsletter for October 2013 – Yoga for Mental Health

OIHC Newsletter for September 2013 – Lunch Box Dilemmas

OIHC Newsletter for August 2013 – Stress and Its Effects On Our Health

OIHC Newsletter for July 2013 – Practicing Sun Safety

OIHC Newsletter for June 2013 – IV Therapy for Migraines

OIHC Newsletter for May 2013 – Excipients: The ‘Other’ Ingredients in Supplements

OIHC Newsletter for April 2013 – Spring Cleaning Your Personal Care Products

OIHC Newsletter for March 2013 – Think Spring – Think Detoxification for Health

OIHC Newsletter for February 2013 – Pain Solutions – One Patient At A Time

OIHC Newsletter for January 2013 – An Introduction to Yoga Therapy at the OIHC

OIHC Newsletter for December 2012 – Specialized Testing

OIHC Newsletter for November 2012  – Vaccination – Making Informed Decisions

OIHC Newsletter for October 2012 – ‘Tis the Season for Cold and Flu Prevention

OIHC Newsletter for September 2012 – Optimal Immunity For Back To School Season

OIHC Newsletter for July 2012 – Is Plastic Making Me Fat?

OIHC Newsletter for June 2012 – Homeopathy And ADHD

OIHC Newsletter for May 2012 – Resilience and Self-Compassion – Building “Bounce-Back”

OIHC Newsletter for April 2012 – Massage Therapy Effective Headache Relief You Can’t Find In a Bottle

OIHC Newsletter for February 2012 – Stopping Smoking

OIHC Newsletter for January 2012  – Weighing In On Healthy Weight Loss

OIHC Newsletter for December 2011 – Stress: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

OIHC Newsletter for November 2011 – Naturopathic Approaches For Flu Prevention

OIHC Newsletter for October 2011 – How Gratitude Can Change Your World

OIHC Newsletter for September 2011 – Homeopathic Treatment Of Ear Infections

OIHC Newsletter for July & August 2011 – Natural Approaches To Endometriosis

OIHC Newsletter for June 2011 – Lack of Sleep and Testosterone Levels

OIHC Newsletter for May 2011 – Fertility Awareness

OIHC Newsletter for April 2011 – Detoxification

OIHC Newsletter for March 2011 – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

OIHC Newsletter for February 2011 – Heart Disease

OIHC Newsletter for January 2011 – Planning for Success

OIHC Newsletter December 2010– On The Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

OIHC Newsletter November 2010– All About Vitamin D

OIHC Newsletter October 2010– Explaining The Benefits Of Probiotics

OIHC Newsletter September 2010– Exploring The Issue Of Hypothyroidism

OIHC Newsletter Spring 2010– learn about homeopathic remedies for sports injuries, sports medicine acupuncture, heat vs. cold applications, and differentiating shin splints

OIHC Newsletter Winter 2010– learn about the exercise high, lifestyle as a first line therapy for type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, salivary hormone testing, and massage therapy for pain management

OIHC Newsletter Fall 2009– learn about the natural flu ‘shot’, Naturopathic approaches to influenza, foods that fuel and protect, home hydrotherapy and massage therapy to enhance immune and respiratory function

OIHC Newsletter Summer 2009– learn about natural treatments for asthma, acupuncture for hayfever relief and the differences between allergies, cold and flu

OIHC Newsletter Spring 2009– learn more about detoxification, pesticides, natural relief for gastro-esophageal reflux, how fiber can benefit your health, irritable bowel syndrome, digesting all the benefits of massage, and how emotional healing and effective stress management supports physical detoxification

OIHC Newsletter Winter 2009– learn more about foods that fight cancer, intravenous Vitamin C and cancer, melatonin and cancer, massage therapy for health, and how emotional state affect our chances of recovering from cancer

OIHC Newsletter Fall 2008– learn more about men’s health issues such as distress, optimizing male fertility, massage for blood pressure, and dealing with erectile dysfunction

OIHC Newsletter Summer 2008– learn about a home remedy for golfer’s & tennis elbow, marathons & hyponatremia, stretching boundaries and acupuncture for sports injuries

OIHC Newsletter Spring 2008– learn about natural treatments for PMS, irritable bowel syndrome, overcoming anxiety & depression, headaches & migraines, and a reivew of the book Dressed to Kill: the link between breast cancer and bras

OIHC Newsletter Winter 2008– useful information on Vitamin D, children’s cough treatments, and the Gardasil vaccine

OIHC Newsletter Fall 2007– tips for the back-to-school season

OIHC Newsletter Summer 2007– Naturopathic first aid tips for summer, information on bugs and pests, and your guide to deep relaxation

OIHC Newsletter Spring 2007– learn about healthy detoxification, health care for acne, and the 6 tips for radiant skin

OIHC Newsletter Winter 2007– learn about healthy goal setting, flu preventatives, and massage therapy

OIHC Newsletter Fall 2006– learn about chronic stress, massage therapy, and get the recipe for our ‘change of season’ soup

OIHC Newsletter Summer 2006-find our inaugural edition of the OIHC Newsletter. Happy Reading!