5-Step Weight & Energy Assessment Package

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” – Lao Tzu

Rekha Ishwanthlal, a Fellow in Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine (MMI-USA) and an Integrative Pharmacist at the OIHC, has outlined a 5 step weight and energy plan to reveal vital information about your metabolism and to discover if there are any hidden factors preventing you from losing weight or stealing your energy.

Here’s what the plan looks like:

STEP 1: Comprehensive Intake Consultation with Rekha (60 minutes)
STEP 2: Blood Lab work #1 with Gamma Dynacare
STEP 3: Follow Up Consultation with Rekha within 4 weeks (45minutes)
STEP 4: Blood Lab work #2 with Gamma Dynacare
STEP 5: Follow up Consultation with Rekha at 3 months (45 minutes)

The package fee is $695 and consists of:

  • 3 comprehensive consultations
  • A tailored package of lab work
  • A clinical nutrition review of “What’s on your plate?”
  • Personalized Supplement Strategies

NOTE: Supplements are not included in package fee.