Nutrition necessarily includes the person eating the food: their digestive capacity, their likes and dislikes, their emotions, their spiritual connection, their thoughts, as well as their eating habits. The intention behind Cathy Cochrane’s work is to find the sweet spot where the person and the food intersect for their best possible support and outcome.

While food is in no way a cure-all for what ails you, proper nourishment is an integral piece of the health puzzle, creating the terrain in which the seeds of how you want and need to grow can germinate and flourish.

As a strong believer in the systems theory – the whole being greater than the sum of its parts – and because, on so many levels, we are what we eat, Cathy strives to help her clients nourish the person they want to become, by first supporting how they feed themselves now. She teaches clients to take back the reins on, and feel comfortable with, their own choices, offering ways to support, boost and nourish their body systems.

Cathy provides simple, doable steps that move clients towards self-care as an expression of self-love. She invites them to find a sense of protection, calm and control within their deepest being, to use their relationship to food as a doorway to the Self.

During our time together, clients feel seen, heard, and supported. They grow from the insights that they learn – about themselves, about food they should or shouldn’t eat, and about how their habits might have perpetuated their health issues.

The aim with the practical nutrition advice is to take the stress out of the eternal question of “what should I eat?” – in the context of any particular health issues and restrictions – and (re)ignite your joy for food that energizes you in a way that goes deeper than the right mix of nutrients.

Read more about what to expect here Your First Nutrition Visit

Package-based services:

Integrating awareness, making nutritional changes, and altering lifestyle habits take time. Some changes have an immediate impact, but others need the response of metabolism & hormones to readjust – a slow, gentle process. The results, however, will be much deeper and longer lasting than any quick fix.

Initial Consult and Follow-up: $297

For those who need some momentum (or a kick in the pants) to get started.

1 x 90-minute session
1 x 45-minute follow-up within 2 weeks
Email support (Mon-Fri) for another 2 weeks.
Note: F/U session expires after 1 month

**Thrive and Blossom (3-month) Package: $697 **

For those who prefer a hand to hold and baby steps along the way, this is 3-month journey of step-by-step inspired action and support. Learn how to connect with your body so you can make decisions that feel right, no matter what “they” say.

1 x 90-minute session
5 x 45 minute follow-ups
Email support during our time together (Mon-Fri)
Personalized visualizations to (re)connect with your body
Custom Bach Flower Essence blend, as needed
Note: Sessions expire after 6 months

For existing clients and those who have completed either of the above:
45-minute Follow-up: $120
Follow-up bundle: 4 x 45 minutes $450
Sessions are available in person or by video call.

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**Cathy Cochrane is a member in good standing with the Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Practitioners. These services are covered for those who have “nutrition counselling/consulting” as part of their insurance package. She can provide you with a letter requesting such coverage.