Pap Clinic

The OIHC offers a monthly Pap Clinic to women

  • who do not have a medical doctor
  • who are not comfortable having a Pap test with their medical doctor
  • who have never had a gynecological exam
  • who prefer a friendly, comforting and educational experience

All sexually active women or women aged 18 and older should have an annual Pap test performed.

Pap tests are performed on several days throughout the week by Naturopathic Doctors. Call or email us to book your appointment.

While we encourage women to be seen by our naturopathic doctors for comprehensive care and follow-up, women are not required to be patients of the clinic to have the Pap test performed here.  A short follow up visit is required to receive the results of the test.

*Please note: Naturopathic Doctors are not licensed to prescribe oral contraceptive pills. We are a private clinic and our appointments are not covered under OHIP. There will be a charge of $156.00 for the appointment to cover Naturopathic Services & Pap testing. An invoice will be provided for your records. Once the results are received, a 15 minute consult will be scheduled with your doctor at a cost of $60.