Our holistic nutrition consultant offers packages to support you through a process of meaningful change.

Your first appointment will be 90-minutes long and will consist of information gathering and goal setting:
Cathy will ask you about what you are eating in relation to your health history, current symptoms, nutrient deficiencies, digestive capacity, lifestyle habits, and stressors. Based on how your story, your body and your plate intersect, she sketches the big picture of the changes that might be beneficial in moving you towards your health goals. She also sets you on the path with the first steps to reach that vision.

You can expect meal ideas, recipes, nutrient information, and/or lifestyle suggestions, depending on your individual needs.

Cathy will not ask you to count calories, grams or serving sizes. She teaches you how to listen to your body’s signals, while ensuring nutrient density.

She does not provide meal plans. She walks you through the steps to creating better habits and finding solutions for yourself, which ultimately teaches you the tools to sustain any changes or implement new ones when needed.

You can expect solutions that you can start implementing right away, with a game plan towards getting you where you want to go.

Follow-up sessions – the first one is included with your Initial Consult and is best scheduled within 2-3 weeks – ensure that your questions are answered, your struggles are overcome, and your diet and eating habits remain supportive of your changing needs.

For more sustained support and longer-lasting changes, Cathy offers a 3-month package for a deeper connection to fulfilling your body’s needs and to turn improved habits into part of your daily routine. Existing clients, or those who have done either of the above, can buy 45-minute follow-ups à la carte, or in a package of 4. Details can be found here: Nutrition Services.

Read more about Cathy here: Cathy’s Bio